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BIOCLEAR Cosmetic Bonding

By June 8, 2022October 12th, 2022cosmetic dentistry
A before and after smile from cosmetic bonding

Consistent dental hygiene is crucial to one’s overall health. Through ever-changing technology, taking care of your teeth is now more accessible! At Smiles By Design, we provide a wide access to dental resources, including BIOCLEAR: a new, innovative process for cosmetic bonding.


Dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark had the vision of creating a modern approach for dental care. Since 2007, BIOCLEAR Matrix has offered the latest, most progressive products and techniques for dental care including cosmetic bonding.

What is BIOCLEAR Cosmetic Bonding?

BIOCLEAR stands as a long-lasting establishment in the dental industry. They offer affordable tools that provide superior results. BIOCLEAR’s tooth cosmetic bonding procedure offers patients the teeth enhancement of a lifetime.

By elevating the appearance of teeth, BIOCLEAR’s Cosmetic Bonding acts as an alternative to traditional veneers and dental crowns. Moreover, this method provides a mostly pain-free, more effective substitute for traditional composite cosmetic bonding. It is the new and ideal approach to modern dentistry. Teeth bonding with BIOCLEAR may be a good option for you if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth such as cracks, chips, and damage around your teeth.

Where can you find BIOCLEAR in Wichita?

To provide such innovative dental care, BIOCLEAR providers must be completely trained in the BIOCLEAR Method, which covers many areas in oral care. At Smiles by Design, Dr. Kristyn Barker remains the only dentist in Wichita trained to provide BIOCLEAR methods and practices. Above all, Dr. Barker and her team emphasize a friendly atmosphere and dental care without fear and pain. This ensures that your visit is filled with fun and comfort. Since 2017, Dr. Barker has specialized in the BIOCLEAR Method. She says, “BIOCLEAR is a fantastic way to give you the smile glam you want in a relatively short amount of time.”

Cosmetic Bonding at Smiles By Design

The mission at Smiles By Design is to offer you a beautiful smile, without any hassle. BIOCLEAR’s Cosmetic Bonding provides an affordable alternative to great-looking teeth. It is a faster alternative to dental crowns and veneers. Because of this, patients have fewer dental visits and more time to show off their pearly whites! If you have any chipped teeth or small gaps, consider BIOCLEAR! To set up an appointment or consultation with Wichita’s only certified BIOCLEAR provider, contact our office.