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Transform Your Smile with Clear Aligners

By November 18, 2021February 24th, 2023cosmetic dentistry
a person holds a set of clear aligners

Transform Your Smile with Clear Aligners

Achieving a straighter smile has never been easier with clear aligners. With advances in technology for clear braces like Invisalign®, you can get your perfect smile in less time. Additionally, aligners are more comfortable, less noticeable, and custom-made to fit your individual needs.

Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Braces

Compared to traditional braces, clear braces like Invisalign® offer various benefits to patients.

  1. Clear aligners are virtually invisible with removable clear trays, making it less noticeable that you have braces.
  2. Clear braces are more comfortable and less painful than metal braces, with noticeable results within weeks.
  3. Patients have fewer restrictions than those with traditional braces. For instance, patients can eat and play sports as normal—with no limitations.
  4. Aligners are easy to clean, meaning you can brush and floss as normal.

How do I get started with Clear Aligners?

First, the process starts with a consultation with an Invisalign®-certified dentist, like Dr. Barker of Smiles by Design. Our team will examine your teeth and oral health goals and assess if you’re a candidate for clear braces. Aligners can straighten out the most simple or complex smiles, even for those whose teeth have shifted years after braces.

Then, we’ll take a digital smile scan to capture an accurate 3D image of your teeth. Further, Dr. Barker will recommend a custom treatment plan for your smile and prepare you for what to expect. Your aligners are then custom-made to fit your teeth. Most importantly, you will have regularly scheduled dental checkups to monitor the progress of your treatment plan.

Book a consultation with Dr. Barker today

Wondering if Clear Aligners like Invisalign® is right for you? Schedule an appointment with our Invisalign®-certified dentist, Dr. Barker. At Smiles by Design, our team is equipped to treat cosmetic dentistry needs for all ages. We look forward to meeting you soon!