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Don’t Skip the Dental Office

a calendar marks a dentist appointment

Your oral health is important to your overall health, and there are some health issues that your dentist may notice before you or your doctor. When it comes to your oral health and your health as a whole, don’t skip the dental office.

Medical Issues Your Dentist May Detect

There are several medical issues that may appear in your mouth before you realize there is a problem.

GERD and acid reflux is often detected in the mouth when your dentist notices tooth erosion and even lesions in the mouth. The stomach acid that comes into your throat can seriously damage your teeth. Many people experience GERD at night when they sleep and may not even realize they have this condition.

Signs of osteoporosis can include tooth loss, gum disease, bone loss in the jaw, and poorly fitting dentures. If your dentist notices these issues, you should contact your primary care provider, especially if you have a history of osteoporosis in your family.

During your oral exam your dentist will check for lumps and sores on your gums, tongue, and cheeks. Sores, bumps, and lumps, especially any that spread or thicken can be a sign of cancer. If the dentist notices these issues, they will let you know to follow up with your primary care provider.

Diabetes affects the mouth in many ways including swollen and bleeding gums. High blood sugar also indicates high sugar in saliva. This can cause an increase in tooth decay and gum disease. Another sign of diabetes can be persistent bad breath. Tooth loss can occur because of diabetes as well.

Pale gums and a smooth tongue may indicate the patient has anemia and the dentist may refer you back to your regular doctor.

Schedule Your Appointments

You can schedule your bi-annual exams by calling the dental office of Dr. Kristyn Barker at 316-263-6343. Dr. Barker and her team would love to help you improve your oral and overall health.