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Pediatric Dentist in Wichita, Kansas

By August 17, 2021September 12th, 2023family dentistry, oral health
a young girl gets her teeth cleaned during a pediatric dentist appointment

Pediatric Dentist in Wichita, Kansas

Pediatric Dentist Services at Smiles by Design

We pride ourselves on offering pediatric dentistry services for your little ones in the Wichita area.

It’s important that you don’t delay your child’s first visit to the dentist. Children should have their first dental visit by their first birthday, or earlier, within six months of their first tooth appearing.

Delaying their first dental visit can put your child’s oral health at risk. Although children lose their baby teeth, they still play a critical role in their overall health. For instance, baby teeth are linked to nutrition, chewing, and speech development.

We encourage you to plan your child’s dental visit early on to help form good oral health routines and habits.

Choosing a pediatric dentist

We understand that choosing the right dentist for your child is a big decision. At Smiles by Design, we want to make your selection process easier. Therefore, we are proud to offer comprehensive dental services for the entire family.

Dr. Barker creates a welcoming, comfortable environment for patients to have a positive dental experience. Above all, patient comfort is our top priority. In addition, our goal is to help patients develop healthy habits and dental routines.

Our compassionate team will perform a comprehensive exam of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw. Additionally, Dr. Barker will educate you and your little one on preventative dentistry and how to develop healthy habits for a healthy smile.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Barker today

At Smiles by Design, we invest in the industry’s best technology and training tools to ensure the most optimal comfort for each patient.

Are you ready to make an appointment with Dr. Barker and the Smiles by Design team? Contact us today to book your consultation for preventative services and meet our pediatric dentist in Wichita.