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Caring for Your Child’s Smile with Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita

Smiling little girl in dental chair with nurse preparing her for teeth check up - Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita - Dr Kristyn Barker - Smiles By Design Wichita

Choosing the right pediatric dentistry in Wichita is important for your child. From alleviating dental anxiety and fears to ensuring proper oral hygiene habits and disease prevention, going to a pediatric dentist is a crucial part of a child’s development, health, and well-being.  


Dr. Kristyn Barker, DDS and the Smiles By Design team are dedicated to providing the highest-quality personalized dental care for patients of all ages. Our team specializes in pediatric dentistry in Wichita, ensuring compassionate, gentle, high-quality care, working to identify potential periodontal issues, as well as educating your child with dental health tips and habits for a bright, healthy smile.   


In this blog, we’ll discuss what pediatric dentistry is and why the team at Smiles By Design stands out as the top choice for pediatric dentistry in Wichita.  


Understanding Pediatric Dentistry 

Pediatric dentists diagnose and treat dental problems for infants, children, and teenagers. They offer a wide range of oral treatment options, including: 

  • Preventive dental care, including teeth cleaning and fluoride treatments 
  • Early assessment and treatment of correcting improper bite or crooked teeth 
  • Repairing and managing tooth cavities, gum disease, ulcers, and pediatric periodontal disease  
  • Habit counseling, such as pacifier usage, thumb sucking, and recommending proper diet and nutrition  
  • Cosmetic dental care for injuries, such as fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth.  


Children are not always patient or cooperative during dental exams, especially those who have anxiety and fear of the process. Rest assured, however, that pediatric dentists have specialized equipment and are specifically trained in techniques and caring for children’s dental and oral health, ensuring they are comfortable and well taken care of.  


When to Start Pediatric Dental Care 

It’s important to start pediatric dental care early. Ideally, this will happen when your child’s first tooth appears, or at least by their first birthday. Having these dental visits early in your child’s life will help establish a comfortable dental care routine. Additionally, starting dental care within your child’s first year will enable the dentist to monitor and prevent oral and dental health issues before they become severe or disrupt growth and development, as well as provide an opportunity to educate parents on effective dental health care for their children.  


Signs That Your Child Needs to See A Pediatric Dentist 

Though it’s important to establish a primary pediatric dentist early on to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent dental issues, other more serious signs can occur in children, prompting a need to visit to the dentist.  

  • Tooth Pain or Sensitivity: Sensitivities can arise from cavities, exposed roots, or even gum disease 
  • Discoloration, White Spots, or Holes in Teeth: This could indicate enamel demineralization, an early sign of dental decay and cavities. 
  • Bleeding gums may indicate gingivitis or improper brushing. Your pediatric dentist can help address these issues and provide treatment and recommendations to improve dental and oral health.  
  • Bad Breath: Despite regular brushing, persistent bad breath can indicate that your child might have a dental or gum problem. 
  • Discomfort, Difficulty, or Avoidance of Chewing or Biting: This could suggest your child may be dealing with cavities, tooth decay, or problems with their jaw.   
  • Excessively loose teeth, or teeth that fall out prematurely, can impact the alignment of your child’s permanent teeth as they come in.  
  • Thumb-Sucking After the Age of Five: If your child continues to suck their thumb after age five, especially once permanent teeth start coming in, it can lead to misaligned teeth that might require orthodontic treatment. 


Children encounter various dental issues that need specific attention. Cavities are the most common pediatric dental problem; routine check-ups help identify and treat them early.  


Monitoring and early intervention will help guide teeth into their proper position if misalignment is detected. Regular cleanings help prevent gum diseases like gingivitis, which can cause discomfort and affect gum health.  


At Smiles By Design, we’re equipped to protect young teeth from decay with treatments like dental sealants, and we offer the latest corrective procedures to address any dental misalignments at an early stage. 


Making Dental Visits Fun and Fear-Free 

Understanding that dental offices can be intimidating for children, we have designed Smiles By Design to be a child-friendly space. With our gentle approach to treatment, our aim is to make each dental visit fun, pain-free, and less daunting. 


Pediatric Dental Health Tips 

It’s crucial to maintain your child’s dental health between visits. Therefore, it’s key to teach your child to brush their teeth twice daily, floss regularly, and use proper brushing techniques. 


Additionally, limiting sugary foods and drinks and encouraging healthier options will aid in promoting good oral health.  


Continuing dental check-ups with your family twice per year will ensure your child’s teeth stay health and allow your dentist to catch any early signs of dental issues. 


What Sets Smiles By Design Apart 

Dr. Kristyn Barker and the Smiles By Design team’s expertise sets us apart for pediatric dentistry in Wichita. Our office is equipped with the latest dental technology and compassionate, caring staff for our young patients. We aim to ensure each visit is a positive, health-promoting experience. 


Insurance and Financial Information 

We understand that affordability is key to accessing regular pediatric dental care. At Smiles By Design, we accept various insurance plans and offer flexible payment options. Our staff is here to assist you in navigating your insurance benefits and will help with paperwork to make the process as smooth as possible. 



Selecting the right pediatric dentist ensures the best for your child’s long-term dental health. Dr. Kristyn Barker and the team at Smiles By Design provide your child with the best pediatric dental care in a friendly and caring environment. We are here to ensure that your child’s smile remains healthy and bright for years to come. 

Don’t wait to set up your child’s first dental visit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a lifetime of healthy smiles. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our dental family!