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Services Offered
A smile is always in style.

Family Dentist Wichita, Kansas

No “Herodontics”

Our Wichita family dentistry practice offers a comprehensive range of dental services. For instance, general dentistry, restorative dentistry, gentle dentistry, pediatric dentistry, clear aligners, family dentistry, preventative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry services. Furthermore, each service helps patients achieve and maintain long-term dental health goals.

Although her previous-life background is in opera and performance, Dr. Barker’s personal approach to dentistry isn’t an act. Our Wichita family dentistry practice is based on compassionate care and making all patients feel comfortable in a family-friendly environment.

In addition, patients experience kindness and compassion, as illustrated in the story of a woman who came to her visibly upset about several dental issues.

“We discussed options of large fillings and a crown. I told her for the best overall look and performance, the crown was her best option. She’d end up spending less money over a long period of time. The patient has loved her smile ever since,” Dr. Barker recalls.

“I’ll give my patients all the options and advise them on what I would tell my family if they were involved. If a tooth can’t be saved or it isn’t in the patient’s best interest, I’ll advise them accordingly.”

Dr. Barker won’t give you unnecessary services or treatments. For example, she doesn’t practice what she calls “herodontics.” To clarify, if a tooth isn’t worth saving, she will suggest other options.

Above all, your smile and happiness are our top priorities. Dr. Barker and the friendly staff of Smiles by Design look forward to meeting you!

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Your smile and happiness are our main priorities.

Laughing gas for any procedure

Smiles by Design offers laughing gas for any procedure. Laughing gas relieves pain and anxiety during dental procedures. No need to let the dentist get you down – we’ll keep you in good spirits!

Our Wichita Family Dentistry Services

It’s important to have a family dentist you can trust to help you maintain your beautiful smile. Therefore, we will provide you with the services needed to achieve a healthy smile for years to come!