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Invisalign Braces

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First of all, traditional braces are sometimes painful and uncomfortable. In addition, they can also really cramp your style. As a result, this is why so many teens and adults are choosing Invisalign braces! No more wires, brackets, and long waits in the dentist’s chair. Clear braces are comfortable, smooth, removable, and easy-to-clean. The best part? Invisalign are virtually invisible! Teens and adults can keep their busy lifestyles and confident smiles, while their treatment goes unnoticed!

These custom-made, plastic aligners gently shift your teeth into place. Depending on the patient, clear braces are worn 20 to 22 hours a day and are adjusted every couple weeks.

Benefits of Clear Braces:

  • Secretly straightens teeth

  • Removable

  • Eat what you want

  • Easy to clean

  • More freedom in your every-day life!

For more information about Invisalign clear braces, please contact Dr. Kristyn Barker, DDS for a consultation. Our family dentist will determine if you are a candidate and discuss a treatment plan. The friendly staff of Smiles by Design looks forward to meeting you!

What to expect with Invisalign at Dr. Barker’s office