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Restorative Dentistry Wichita, Kansas

Dr. Kristyn Barker provides expert restorative dentistry services for patients in the Wichita area.

First, Dr. Barker offers a diagnosis. Then, we will discuss prevention and treatment of oral diseases. If your treatment plan includes restorative dentistry, we can help with that process in our office.

Additionally, our restorative dental practice repairs chipped, cracked, discolored, decayed, and missing teeth. Smiles by Design repairs teeth with a variety of techniques. For instance, we treat fillings, veneers, dentures, crowns, bridges, and more.

In addition, Dr. Barker will analyze the surface of your teeth using visual, mechanical and radiographic techniques. After the examination, Dr. Barker can determine the best treatment options available to you.

While minimally invasive procedures can be performed in a single appointment, other procedures might require more time. Furthermore, our family dentist and friendly staff do everything possible to create a positive experience for our patients.

Contact Dr. Kristyn Barker, DDS to schedule an appointment! We’d love to tell you more about the family┬ádentistry of Smiles by Design. Most of all, we look forward to helping you smile!

Wichita Restorative Dentistry