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Teeth Stains: Causes and Remedies

By March 15, 2022October 12th, 2022teeth whitening
teeth staining

Teeth Stains: Causes and Remedies

Have you noticed your teeth aren’t as bright as they once used to be? Teeth stains are common and there are many culprits—including your food and drink choices, medications, your age, and oral health habits.

Causes of stained teeth

Teeth stains are often caused by lifestyle habits, some of which can be controlled and others that cannot.

  • Food & drink: Coffee, red wine, dark soda, and foods with certain dyes can inflict stains.
  • Tobacco use: Cigarettes and other tobacco products cause tooth discoloration. Moreover, you run the risk of developing gum disease and oral cancer.
  • Medications & medical treatments: Some oral medications and treatments can contribute to teeth stains.
  • Age & genetics: As we age, the outer layer of enamel wears away. Additionally, some people have naturally brighter teeth.
  • Trauma & disease: Damage to teeth due to trauma can disturb enamel formation and can cause discoloration.

Remedies for teeth stains

Many elements of teeth stains are out of our control, like age and accidents that disrupt tooth enamel development. However, there are many factors in our control, like lifestyle choices and habits. Additionally, there are just as many remedies and products on the market to help reverse stains and improve luminosity.

Keep your smile as bright and healthy as possible:

  • Use a dentist-approved whitening toothpaste and/or mouthwash. For instance, we love our Opalescence™ Whitening kits that are sold in our office. However, we do NOT recommend the use of charcoal toothbrushes or pastes as they can irreversibly damage teeth!
  • Most importantly, visit your dentist for regular dental exams twice per year.
  • Floss once daily and brush twice daily.
  • Invest in our take-home whitening products that are safe, effective, and recommended by Dr. Barker and the Smiles by Design team.

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Maintaining healthy oral habits and routine cleanings can improve the health and color of your teeth. If you’re searching for a dental provider in the Wichita area, we invite you to schedule a new patient appointment with us!