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Why is Teeth Cleaning Important?

By September 7, 2022September 12th, 2023family dentistry, oral health
a woman gets her teeth cleaned

Going to the dentist twice a year to get your teeth cleaned is routine for many people. However, why is this practice so important? We look at the reasons that you should keep your bi-annual teeth cleaning appointments.

Reasons for Bi-Annual Cleanings

The number one reason to keep your annual cleaning appointments is that regular cleanings help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Remove Tartar

During your appointment, your dental hygienist will clean your teeth thoroughly and will scrape off any tartar that has accumulated. Tartar is plaque that has hardened and is often slightly yellow in color. Left on your teeth, especially around your gumline, the bacteria in tartar will damage your gums. Unfortunately, tartar can’t be removed at home; it requires special tools and training. Keeping your bi-annual appointments ensures that this is removed a couple of times each year. If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, the dentist may increase your cleaning to three to four times per year instead of two.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a major cause of tooth loss. Diseased gums loosen up and can no longer hold teeth in place. During your appointments, your dental hygienist and dentist will also check for signs of gum disease which is caused by tartar buildup. Some signs you can look for before your appointment include red or swollen gums, persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth, loose teeth, tender or bleeding gums, a change in your bite, painful chewing, and sensitive teeth. Risk factors can include smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, heredity, and some medications. Talk to the dentist about any concerns you have about your gums or your risk factors.

Gum disease can also lead to other health issues. Your twice-yearly teeth cleaning can help reduce your risk for medical issues including heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and even low birth weight babies.

Cancer Screening

Dr. Barker and her team will also perform a routine check for oral cancer during your annual exams. Early detection during a routine cleaning can save your life.

Clean teeth will be whiter and healthier and give you more confidence in your smile which is one of the best reasons for annual cleanings.

Need Your Teeth Cleaned?

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